• Telepoetics

    TELEPOETICS is a collaborative project which experiments with communication at distance. Started during the first lockdown of the 2020 pandemic  the project proposes an extended transfer of thoughts which underlines the paradox of shared distance. The idea that two bodies may influence each other, or act in concert, without actually being in contact, is the subject of the artistic research and telepathic experimentation.In his essay on telepathy, in which Derrida refers to letters and postcards, he uses the phrase “transference and telepoetics,” in order to describe how the Self symbolically identifies with the Other and begins to keep within oneself a representation of what a beloved Other means : a constellation of signifiers confined in the psyche where our endless conversation begins. Inspired by Derrida‘s thoughts, Patricia Morosan developed a form of communication based on a quixotic technology: a form of getting in touch in solitude. Patricia Morosan invited Bianca Oana to collaborate and share a stream of words and images to each other. Each of them is transmitting/ receiving from her own home by transferring/thinking about each other in a pre-established timeframe: Bianca (in Bucharest/Cugir) and Patricia (in Athens/Berlin). The starting point of each telepathy session is a photograph. The Transmitter describes the photograph (without the other being able to hear it) , while the Receiver describes the received mental image. This exchange occurs at the exact same time, during a 30 minute recorded monologue. Each telepathic session ends with the Receiver having to photograph the mental image she received. Photography thus becomes a means of fixating memory and of reinterpretation of that memory, towards a new understanding – kinship.