• You, The Living

      For the project “You, The Living” I photographed and documented the body transformations of Louka L. Them started taking testosterone at the end of 2018. This work is a body essay: mixing photographs, with persona notes of body changes ( weight, menstruation, hair growth, body odor, testosterone dose etc.. In addition, sound recordings are documenting the change of the voice. Through this project, together with Louka L, we are reflecting on the body as practice and performativity, where the self-determined injection of testosterone is shaking concepts of gender in theory and practice to a profound degree and transfer into new coordinate systems.  The question of gender is what motivated Louka L. and me to collaborate on this project. After photographing Louka, I gave them some prints and asked them to write something on the prints. On a portrait, Louka L. writes a quote from the philosopher Paul B. Preciado. I believe this quote sums up the motivations for this project very well: " It is a question of becomings....of multiplicities...it's not a matter of going from woman to man, from man to woman, but of contaminating the molecular bases of the production of sexual difference with the understanding that these two states of being, male and female, exists only as political fictions. "